Welcome to the CaloKnowsFood Blogsite!!!!! Here’s a little background on my journey with food.

As a youngin I always got hype when food was present. Even my moms told me as a baby all I did was eat and sleep, only time I cried was when I wanted some damn grub. Growing up in the states mostly in Tampa, Florida I would demolish all the typical american classics I’m talking burgers and fries, cheese steaks, hoagies, pizza, all that good stuff!!!! But also growing up with a Puerto Rican mother I have a special place in my gut for spanish food, everybody loves that momma cookin!!!! If you asked me about Chinese Food then I would have said “I love general tso chicken and pork fried rice”, if you asked me about Thai Food I would have said “yeah I love dem mama noodles”, and if you asked me about Japanese Food I would have said “raw fish nah bitch”! When I was 18 I moved to New York to link back up with a childhood friend B, or now you might know him as Way from the group Thaitanium. I eventually ended up living in a small apartment in Queens with the group and along with recording music I was expanding my food world. I learned fast that sharing is caring in Thai culture, when you eat you eat together, so I was suddenly put in a position where I had to try food I wouldn’t normally eat. As Thaitanium grew bigger through time I found myself living in Bangkok. First time in a foreign country I didn’t know what to expect I was culture shocked like a motha fucka but at the same time I loved it. Food wise I would try everything not because I wanted to be adventurous and be like andrew zimmern and shit but real talk I had no money so I couldn’t be picky. I really began to love a wide selection of food and appreciate exotic flavors. Bout a year later Thaitay really took off. Over the past 10 years I been touring around the world and been blessed with the chance to try all types of cuisine at its best. I can truly say I have tried and experienced enough food to tell you whats good and whats not. Currently I’m a part of the cooking TV show “The Bling Kitchen” giving the dishes from Chef Chalee and SD the Calo Approval. I started this blog to show people my passion for food and to share my food experiences with y’all, the good and the bad!!!!!


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