2014-06-14 13.13.142014-06-14 13.13.04

I’m not really a religious type of dude but I was kickin it with the wifee and decided to hit the temple for some good karma and stuff, ended up feeding cows but yeah that’s another story lol. I happened to be getting on the MRT at Asoke and I spot this little pizza spot as I’m about to get on the escalator. Actually no I’m lying I smelled this pizza spot and had to do a 360, yeah food does that too me!!!! So I go to this joint called Pala and first impression it looks legit. I ordered a slice of the Toscana, which is mozzarella, tomato, and Tuscan ham, and also ordered a slice of the 5 formaggi, which is 5 different kinds of cheeses. The Toscana was my favorite it was all that pizza goodness I expected nice airy crust, sauce was dope and mozzarella was on point. Usually if it smells good it probably is good!! Only let down was the cat that was taking my order, I’m pointing at the pizza I want and dude is just giving me this confused but smug look like I just asked him for some money or sumtin fuck outta here. Look my Thai isn’t so good but fuck I’m pointing right at the shit!!! But anyways overall it was some good pizza pie!!!! #caloapproved #7outta10


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