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I been to Malaysia for work over about 10 times but never until this trip have I found gems such as this dish. Nasi Bojari is a signature dish at a spot called “Madam Kwans”. You got fried chicken cooked to perfection, skin got crisp inside soft make you just wanna caress that bitch, a side of beef rendeng, assam prawns, and fragrant spices of colored rice. Portion is big enough to please a overweight motha fucka like me and it offers Chicken, Beef, and Prawns we talking bout 3 proteins, that’s that stick to your ribs food!!! I was stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey, you know when you that full you almost gotta walk waddle yeah I was that maxed out!!! Hands down one of the best dishes iv’e had in Malaysia!!!




2014-07-27 16.45.41

This one of those mouth-watering experiences that will change your life (pause)!!! Locally made fresh Burrata Cheese oozing all over those tomatoes, red and green peppers, and chanterelles all stuffed in that freshly baked soft baquette  GODDAMN that was a good sandwich!!!