2014-08-11 14.31.13-1

I been to Malaysia for work over about 10 times but never until this trip have I found gems such as this dish. Nasi Bojari is a signature dish at a spot called “Madam Kwans”. You got fried chicken cooked to perfection, skin got crisp inside soft make you just wanna caress that bitch, a side of beef rendeng, assam prawns, and fragrant spices of colored rice. Portion is big enough to please a overweight motha fucka like me and it offers Chicken, Beef, and Prawns we talking bout 3 proteins, that’s that stick to your ribs food!!! I was stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey, you know when you that full you almost gotta walk waddle yeah I was that maxed out!!! Hands down one of the best dishes iv’e had in Malaysia!!!



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