2014-10-03 18.34.11

Earlier this month we headed out to Japan for a festival called “Sounday Joint” which we where headlining along side Fabulous and Jim Jones. That sounds like some big shit and all but the reality was the damn show got canceled due to a typhoon, it rained like one-dollar bills in a strip club!!! So basically I’m like fuck it let’s get some grub, pack on some more CALOries, and drank some beer! My dude Coga puts me on to this so-called number 1 Katsudon spot in Shibuya called Zuichou. Now by the look of the picture this might look like your ordinary Katsudon but don’t let the look deceive you this freaking bowl is extraordinary, I’m talking next level shit. Even Coga who grew up in that hood was open! Usually when you cook Katsudon the egg is thrown on last and coats that crispy pork goodness but at this spot the egg is used as a base for the deep fried cutlet and is seasoned almost like a omelet. The dish had a certain savoriness about it, it was almost like butter was used somewhere in the dish. Check it, they only have two things on the menu at this place, which are Katsudon, and Beer so you know it gotta be Slammin!!!