Now if you ever been to Thailand you would know you can find Gai Yang (Grilled Chicken) pretty much anywhere. I never been partial to any particular spot cause there so many varieties and honestly you can’t really fucking go wrong with bbq chicken on a grill. But times have changed and now I shall bow down and show my respects to a specific glazed bird. Somjong by the Mcot intersection is grilling up some serious pollo! It has this shiny honey tamarind glaze that coats the skin and leaves a nice little puddle of grill grease and sauce all at the bottom so you can soak it up with that sticky rice. After you get past that shiny exterior you get that soft, plump, almost like a pillow of tender chicken meat. These no Gai Ban joints none of those mini baby birds this got levels to it!!! #caloknowsfood #caloapproved #10outta10