Last Sunday I hit up this Urban Pool Party at the Radisson Blu and besides for this motha fuckin chopped salad the party had some good vibes, left me reminiscing of back home in Florida. But yeah there was this travesty of a salad. Actually, it wasn’t even my salad it was Eric aka Chklover food but it was so bad i had to write about it. Just look at the picture I mean it literally looks sad like a family member passed or something. The iceberg lettuce must have been sun tanning all day it was all hot a wilted and the worst part was those roasted beef cubes that literally tasted like dog treats, not that i’ve tasted dog treats but I would imagine it would resemble something like that. Good party but step ya food game up Radisson Blu.

Chopped Salad – Iceberg lettuce, smoked duck, roasted beef, smoked salmon, quail egg, samsoe cheese, kalamata olives, roquefort dressing