Last Sunday I hit up this Urban Pool Party at the Radisson Blu and besides for this motha fuckin chopped salad the party had some good vibes, left me reminiscing of back home in Florida. But yeah there was this travesty of a salad. Actually, it wasn’t even my salad it was Eric aka Chklover food but it was so bad i had to write about it. Just look at the picture I mean it literally looks sad like a family member passed or something. The iceberg lettuce must have been sun tanning all day it was all hot a wilted and the worst part was those roasted beef cubes that literally tasted like dog treats, not that i’ve tasted dog treats but I would imagine it would resemble something like that. Good party but step ya food game up Radisson Blu.

Chopped Salad – Iceberg lettuce, smoked duck, roasted beef, smoked salmon, quail egg, samsoe cheese, kalamata olives, roquefort dressing





Now if you ever been to Thailand you would know you can find Gai Yang (Grilled Chicken) pretty much anywhere. I never been partial to any particular spot cause there so many varieties and honestly you can’t really fucking go wrong with bbq chicken on a grill. But times have changed and now I shall bow down and show my respects to a specific glazed bird. Somjong by the Mcot intersection is grilling up some serious pollo! It has this shiny honey tamarind glaze that coats the skin and leaves a nice little puddle of grill grease and sauce all at the bottom so you can soak it up with that sticky rice. After you get past that shiny exterior you get that soft, plump, almost like a pillow of tender chicken meat. These no Gai Ban joints none of those mini baby birds this got levels to it!!! #caloknowsfood #caloapproved #10outta10 


2014-10-03 18.34.11

Earlier this month we headed out to Japan for a festival called “Sounday Joint” which we where headlining along side Fabulous and Jim Jones. That sounds like some big shit and all but the reality was the damn show got canceled due to a typhoon, it rained like one-dollar bills in a strip club!!! So basically I’m like fuck it let’s get some grub, pack on some more CALOries, and drank some beer! My dude Coga puts me on to this so-called number 1 Katsudon spot in Shibuya called Zuichou. Now by the look of the picture this might look like your ordinary Katsudon but don’t let the look deceive you this freaking bowl is extraordinary, I’m talking next level shit. Even Coga who grew up in that hood was open! Usually when you cook Katsudon the egg is thrown on last and coats that crispy pork goodness but at this spot the egg is used as a base for the deep fried cutlet and is seasoned almost like a omelet. The dish had a certain savoriness about it, it was almost like butter was used somewhere in the dish. Check it, they only have two things on the menu at this place, which are Katsudon, and Beer so you know it gotta be Slammin!!!


2014-08-11 14.31.13-1

I been to Malaysia for work over about 10 times but never until this trip have I found gems such as this dish. Nasi Bojari is a signature dish at a spot called “Madam Kwans”. You got fried chicken cooked to perfection, skin got crisp inside soft make you just wanna caress that bitch, a side of beef rendeng, assam prawns, and fragrant spices of colored rice. Portion is big enough to please a overweight motha fucka like me and it offers Chicken, Beef, and Prawns we talking bout 3 proteins, that’s that stick to your ribs food!!! I was stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey, you know when you that full you almost gotta walk waddle yeah I was that maxed out!!! Hands down one of the best dishes iv’e had in Malaysia!!!



2014-07-27 16.45.41

This one of those mouth-watering experiences that will change your life (pause)!!! Locally made fresh Burrata Cheese oozing all over those tomatoes, red and green peppers, and chanterelles all stuffed in that freshly baked soft baquette  GODDAMN that was a good sandwich!!!



I always recommend when you go to any Thai restaurant around the world always order the Krapow first cause honestly if they fuck that up you should exit ASAP!!! The best way to have it in Bkk is right on the street keep it gully peoples. This is not the same picture this double plates bitch!!!

Smoked Salmon Bagel @ Greenhouse Landmark

2014-07-17 03.13.532014-07-17 03.13.43

Many intoxicated Bangkok nights have ended up at Greenhouse in Landmark Hotel. Been hitting up this spot since 2006 and at one point it became a routine after the club to grub over there. I still remember my dude Buddah would always get the apple juice in the super sized glass and would get the special ordered beef and broccoli cause it reminded him of that NY Chinese food. I’ve pretty much tried the majority of the menu and the Smoked Salmon bagel is the joint I always come back too. When you slice into that poached egg, the yolk oozes into the hollandaise sauce and coats all that smoked salmon. All that goodness is squished between a sesame bagel with a cream cheese spread and the shit just fuckin works!!! #caloapproved #10outta10

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