I don’t know about you but it really fucking bugs me when I’m watching a cooking show and they make something and call it “Asian”. For example, some of these chefs will make chicken wings or a noodle soup or something and then call it “Asian Chicken Wings” or “Asian Noodle Soup” like Asia is just one big fucking country and shit. Asia is so diverse and the food in each country is just so different so to categorize it as one cause you put some soy sauce in the motha fucka is just stupid too me. I mean have you ever heard of somebody making pasta with a European sauce??? Or have you ever heard of somebody making a North America Burger??? This type of ish really grinds my gears!!!!!!



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I’m not really a religious type of dude but I was kickin it with the wifee and decided to hit the temple for some good karma and stuff, ended up feeding cows but yeah that’s another story lol. I happened to be getting on the MRT at Asoke and I spot this little pizza spot as I’m about to get on the escalator. Actually no I’m lying I smelled this pizza spot and had to do a 360, yeah food does that too me!!!! So I go to this joint called Pala and first impression it looks legit. I ordered a slice of the Toscana, which is mozzarella, tomato, and Tuscan ham, and also ordered a slice of the 5 formaggi, which is 5 different kinds of cheeses. The Toscana was my favorite it was all that pizza goodness I expected nice airy crust, sauce was dope and mozzarella was on point. Usually if it smells good it probably is good!! Only let down was the cat that was taking my order, I’m pointing at the pizza I want and dude is just giving me this confused but smug look like I just asked him for some money or sumtin fuck outta here. Look my Thai isn’t so good but fuck I’m pointing right at the shit!!! But anyways overall it was some good pizza pie!!!! #caloapproved #7outta10



Sometimes in our busy little worlds we get lost in all the material things. We grind hard for those new future J’s, cop gold chains, whip that all black Range, we forget what really matters in life. Yesterday I visited the family of Bank who is a tattoo artist at OD Tattoo. His family runs a fish farm in Min Buri they live and eat solely off everything in the farm. Not only was the fresh snapper amazing and the stir-fried vegetables picked right off the tree adjacent from us but also it was a refreshing experience to see how truly happy the family is. Its not about how much you have its more about the people you share your life and experiences with that really bring fulfillment in life.

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Welcome to the CaloKnowsFood Blogsite!!!!! Here’s a little background on my journey with food.

As a youngin I always got hype when food was present. Even my moms told me as a baby all I did was eat and sleep, only time I cried was when I wanted some damn grub. Growing up in the states mostly in Tampa, Florida I would demolish all the typical american classics I’m talking burgers and fries, cheese steaks, hoagies, pizza, all that good stuff!!!! But also growing up with a Puerto Rican mother I have a special place in my gut for spanish food, everybody loves that momma cookin!!!! If you asked me about Chinese Food then I would have said “I love general tso chicken and pork fried rice”, if you asked me about Thai Food I would have said “yeah I love dem mama noodles”, and if you asked me about Japanese Food I would have said “raw fish nah bitch”! When I was 18 I moved to New York to link back up with a childhood friend B, or now you might know him as Way from the group Thaitanium. I eventually ended up living in a small apartment in Queens with the group and along with recording music I was expanding my food world. I learned fast that sharing is caring in Thai culture, when you eat you eat together, so I was suddenly put in a position where I had to try food I wouldn’t normally eat. As Thaitanium grew bigger through time I found myself living in Bangkok. First time in a foreign country I didn’t know what to expect I was culture shocked like a motha fucka but at the same time I loved it. Food wise I would try everything not because I wanted to be adventurous and be like andrew zimmern and shit but real talk I had no money so I couldn’t be picky. I really began to love a wide selection of food and appreciate exotic flavors. Bout a year later Thaitay really took off. Over the past 10 years I been touring around the world and been blessed with the chance to try all types of cuisine at its best. I can truly say I have tried and experienced enough food to tell you whats good and whats not. Currently I’m a part of the cooking TV show “The Bling Kitchen” giving the dishes from Chef Chalee and SD the Calo Approval. I started this blog to show people my passion for food and to share my food experiences with y’all, the good and the bad!!!!!

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