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Wine Connection- The Grill featuring Dj Tob

This is the first episode of Caloknowsfood shot at Wine Connection The Grill located at the Groove in Central Word Bangkok. Warning if your a vegetarian your probably not gonna like this episode. This ones for all my beef lovers out there (pause).


Smoked Salmon Bagel @ Greenhouse Landmark

2014-07-17 03.13.532014-07-17 03.13.43

Many intoxicated Bangkok nights have ended up at Greenhouse in Landmark Hotel. Been hitting up this spot since 2006 and at one point it became a routine after the club to grub over there. I still remember my dude Buddah would always get the apple juice in the super sized glass and would get the special ordered beef and broccoli cause it reminded him of that NY Chinese food. I’ve pretty much tried the majority of the menu and the Smoked Salmon bagel is the joint I always come back too. When you slice into that poached egg, the yolk oozes into the hollandaise sauce and coats all that smoked salmon. All that goodness is squished between a sesame bagel with a cream cheese spread and the shit just fuckin works!!! #caloapproved #10outta10



2014-07-03 22.16.58

“I be munching on that Nagasaki Naga Naga Naga Saki Nagasaki” that Nagasaki beef had me so turnt I almost laid down a hook for it. Voted the top cow in Japan this was a carnivores dream!!! I actually had no idea about this spot and got put on by my homie Way (Thaitanium). We where having a meeting with our Japanese Label about our upcoming album and it quickly became more about the food than the music. I can never talk business when the food is banging my mind is just so focused on that goodness I’m eating I can’t concentrate on shit. This luscious beef is served with their homemade shoyu sauce where you can pop in some lime, garlic, and chili but really this beef don’t need much!! Yakiniku Tono is located in Asoke on Sukhumvit soi 21 and is tucked behind the singha beer garden so keep your eyes open cause its easy to miss but take my word for it the food is slammin!!!! We where literally the only table in the place so its very much on the low right now so recommend it to your peoples!!! #caloapproved #9outta10




You know what LOUD eaters really grind my goddamn gears! Its that nasty ass sound of the food mixing with the saliva creating a soundtrack to everyone around you. These eaters just chop away and usually don’t even realize they mouth is open while this saliva food mixing is in the process, this annoys the shit outta me! I mean please leave that jaw smacking at home! These cats should just eat soft foods in public like mashed potatoes, ice cream, soup, fuck it whatever eat some oatmeal bitch as long as its quiet!!!!! Just try to put a lid on it while you eating and maybe chew a little slower that would keep the decibel level down a bit. #calowordsofadvice #grindsmygears





2014-06-21 20.42.082014-06-22 00.09.252014-06-21 20.42.26

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of getting these little baby pizza’s every time I go to Italian spots. Some of these miniature size pies don’t taste bad but I gotta order like 2 or 3 of these bitches to be satisfied. And I really can’t stand when you get that cracker type crust, you pick it up and that shit got more crack then plumbers. One of my favorite pizza spots in Bangkok is “Bella Napoli” this is the complete opposite of everything I said above. Now when that beautiful thing hits the table it has that wow factor I found myself just staring at other people’s pizzas and almost even asked for a slice. Cooked in a brick oven the crust has that crispness to it but yet it’s airy and soft, the mozzarella is top grade, and size is official, no mini joints!! The pasta’s are good also but the star here is the pizza. Reasonable price and good classic Italian vibe go check it out!!! #caloapproved #9outta10




2014-06-26 13.50.162014-06-26 14.04.10

I’m gonna call this the bipolar sandwich cause it takes on two personalities. One half you got the veggies, some iceberg, onions, and tomato. On the other half you have some juicy slices of pastrami smothered in thousand-island dressing, and of course had to add in some brown mustard! If your thinking like I’m thinking I’m going with the second half. Honestly it didn’t even need the top layer with the vegetation just pack those bread slices with that bomb pastrami and you good to go bru!!! If you looking for meat packed sandwiches or cheesecake flown directly in from NYC go peep New York Cheese Cake @ CDC!!!! #caloapproved #7outta10



2014-06-14 13.13.142014-06-14 13.13.04

I’m not really a religious type of dude but I was kickin it with the wifee and decided to hit the temple for some good karma and stuff, ended up feeding cows but yeah that’s another story lol. I happened to be getting on the MRT at Asoke and I spot this little pizza spot as I’m about to get on the escalator. Actually no I’m lying I smelled this pizza spot and had to do a 360, yeah food does that too me!!!! So I go to this joint called Pala and first impression it looks legit. I ordered a slice of the Toscana, which is mozzarella, tomato, and Tuscan ham, and also ordered a slice of the 5 formaggi, which is 5 different kinds of cheeses. The Toscana was my favorite it was all that pizza goodness I expected nice airy crust, sauce was dope and mozzarella was on point. Usually if it smells good it probably is good!! Only let down was the cat that was taking my order, I’m pointing at the pizza I want and dude is just giving me this confused but smug look like I just asked him for some money or sumtin fuck outta here. Look my Thai isn’t so good but fuck I’m pointing right at the shit!!! But anyways overall it was some good pizza pie!!!! #caloapproved #7outta10