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Wine Connection- The Grill featuring Dj Tob

This is the first episode of Caloknowsfood shot at Wine Connection The Grill located at the Groove in Central Word Bangkok. Warning if your a vegetarian your probably not gonna like this episode. This ones for all my beef lovers out there (pause).


Happy Burger Cake


I never got one of these when I was a kid but if I knew this was a option I would of passed up all that ice cream and chocolate cake and stuck some candles in this beautiful goodness right chea!!! Bacon strips, nicely seasoned patty, brioche bun son,  best believe i’m asking for one of these on my next born day!!!

Daniel Thaiger Burger @ Gameover Bkk

The Classic Philly Cheese Steak


The Philly Cheese Steak is mos def one of those things I can eat every day for the rest my life, and believe me i’m not exaggerating! This picture is from when I was back home in Tampa at a spot called Pizza Mania. It’s not from Pats, Jim’s, or Genos but this bad boy was fucking slamming!  Living in Bangkok it is almost impossible to get a legit cheese steak so I cherished every single bite of this baby!!!

Nobody does it like Mama- Pollo Guisado


Now listen, I have eaten a lot of damn food in my lifetime and consider myself pretty well-rounded when it comes to food (literally), and the one thing i’ve learned over the years is that nobody does it like mama! It is the ultimate comfort food that can’t be duplicated. The flavour will bring back childhood memories and always hold a special place in your heart. Didn’t mean to get all emo on ya’ll but looking at this picture of my mom’s Pollo Guisado has got a motha fucka tearing up! I would literally slap a baby right now for a bowl of this stuff! Damn! Nobody do it like mama!!!

Calo’s Baby Backs

I love my baby baby back Calo’s baby back ribs Calo’s baby back ribs, barbecue sauce!!! My first attempt at making ribs was surprisingly on point. I was in the zone had em marinating at home pulled em out the oven they was falling off the bone!!! First, I hit em with a dry rub let those bitches marinate over night for max flavour, slow cooked em for around 3 and a half hours, hit em with the bbq glaze and finished them off for another 30 minutes. I’m no Bobby Flay but i’ll fucks with my ribs any day!!!

Marinate- Smoked Paprika, Cumin, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder, Bulls Eye BBQ, Brown Mustard, Organic Honey



2014-10-03 18.34.11

Earlier this month we headed out to Japan for a festival called “Sounday Joint” which we where headlining along side Fabulous and Jim Jones. That sounds like some big shit and all but the reality was the damn show got canceled due to a typhoon, it rained like one-dollar bills in a strip club!!! So basically I’m like fuck it let’s get some grub, pack on some more CALOries, and drank some beer! My dude Coga puts me on to this so-called number 1 Katsudon spot in Shibuya called Zuichou. Now by the look of the picture this might look like your ordinary Katsudon but don’t let the look deceive you this freaking bowl is extraordinary, I’m talking next level shit. Even Coga who grew up in that hood was open! Usually when you cook Katsudon the egg is thrown on last and coats that crispy pork goodness but at this spot the egg is used as a base for the deep fried cutlet and is seasoned almost like a omelet. The dish had a certain savoriness about it, it was almost like butter was used somewhere in the dish. Check it, they only have two things on the menu at this place, which are Katsudon, and Beer so you know it gotta be Slammin!!!


2014-07-27 16.45.41

This one of those mouth-watering experiences that will change your life (pause)!!! Locally made fresh Burrata Cheese oozing all over those tomatoes, red and green peppers, and chanterelles all stuffed in that freshly baked soft baquette  GODDAMN that was a good sandwich!!!