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The Classic Philly Cheese Steak


The Philly Cheese Steak is mos def one of those things I can eat every day for the rest my life, and believe me i’m not exaggerating! This picture is from when I was back home in Tampa at a spot called Pizza Mania. It’s not from Pats, Jim’s, or Genos but this bad boy was fucking slamming!  Living in Bangkok it is almost impossible to get a legit cheese steak so I cherished every single bite of this baby!!!



2014-07-27 16.45.41

This one of those mouth-watering experiences that will change your life (pause)!!! Locally made fresh Burrata Cheese oozing all over those tomatoes, red and green peppers, and chanterelles all stuffed in that freshly baked soft baquette  GODDAMN that was a good sandwich!!!


2014-06-26 13.50.162014-06-26 14.04.10

I’m gonna call this the bipolar sandwich cause it takes on two personalities. One half you got the veggies, some iceberg, onions, and tomato. On the other half you have some juicy slices of pastrami smothered in thousand-island dressing, and of course had to add in some brown mustard! If your thinking like I’m thinking I’m going with the second half. Honestly it didn’t even need the top layer with the vegetation just pack those bread slices with that bomb pastrami and you good to go bru!!! If you looking for meat packed sandwiches or cheesecake flown directly in from NYC go peep New York Cheese Cake @ CDC!!!! #caloapproved #7outta10